Raid: Shadow Legends, a turn-based action RPG, is set in a fantasy-themed setting. It takes you on an epic journey with loads of discoveries to make. You can play it on both Android and iOS, as well as your PC. Plarium Gaming, an Israeli publisher, brings this popular battler to us. This game is very complex and has many layers. It is based on the Affinity System, which is the strategic part of this game. You need to understand it before you can start raiding. This guide will provide some tips and tricks to help beginners begin their adventure in the fantasy world Teleria in Raid Shadow Legends.

Starting with the basics

You will have to choose a all buffs Rare level champion in the beginning. This could be a difficult choice, so we recommend that you choose the champion who best suits your play style. These four heroes represent all four possible play styles. These are the four first champions:

Athel is either a champion of a sacred order or a close-range fighter with attack capabilities. Athel is a natural magician and can be used best in the Early-Mid games. Athel’s 936 Physical DEF makes her quite tough against enemy physical attack heroes.

There are four types of skills she can use, including a CD reduction or restoration skill. The other three are damage type. This champion is for you if you enjoy both defense and attack.


Galek is either an Orcs order champion, or a hybrid Tank champion with physical abilities. Galek is also a fan of Magical attacks, and can be used best in the early games. Galek is most well-known for his speed and good defensive debuff.

He can be used as an armor tank and is very tough against enemy attacks. There are four types of skills he can use with low cooldown effects and high criticism chances. Galek is the best choice for those who like to be aggressive in the early games.


Kael is either a Dark Elf order champion, or midranged AoE champion (Area of effect) with attacking abilities. He is a natural adept at magic attacks and can be used whenever it suits you best (early, middle, or late). He is a master of critical hit skills, making him the most skilled finisher.

While his stats are similar to those of the other two, his skills are much more powerful. Although his skill cooldowns can be slow, they are acceptable if you use the skills at the right times. He is the perfect choice if you enjoy using AoE attacks.


Elhain is either a champion of the High Elf Order or a long-ranged marksman champion with attacking capabilities. She is a natural magician and excels in the early to mid games. She is a marksman champion, so her HP is low and her physical DEF is quite low. Although she has excellent AoE abilities, she can also take serious critical hits when it comes to one person. Due to her low HP, you should always play her with a tank member of your team. She is the perfect choice if you enjoy playing marksman-type characters.

Once you have chosen a champion, you will need to play the tutorial to unlock additional champions and create your team. Once you have created your first team, you can start to dive into your missions. We have everything you need in our Raid Shadow Legends guide.

Affinity System

Understanding the affinity system is key to the success of the game. There are four types of affinity between all the champions. There are three types of affinities that can be balanced with each other, and one has no particular advantages over the other.

  • Magic Blue: Counter to Spirit(Green), Confronted by Force(Red).
  • Spirit: Counter to Force(Red), Countered By Magic(Blue).
  • Force Red: Counter to Magic(Blue), Countered By Spirit(Green).
  • Void Purple: No Counters

These affinities are crucial as they influence the entire system of attack and threshold damage that your team gives you. The best strategy for winning all matches is to choose the perfect champion to defeat. This system is essential to understand and control. It adds more damage to your opponent’s game and makes it easier for you to defeat bosses.

Choosing the perfect Champions

It can be difficult to understand the champions and choose the right champion for your squad. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

The game starts with two champions. In each level, the number may go up. You need to first collect shards in order to get more champions. You need to continue playing to collect shards. After each level you will get a shard that can be exchanged for a champion from the portal. There are now four types of shards, each representing four availability of heroes.

  • Mystery Shard Common, Uncommon and Rare champions
  • Ancient Shard Rare, Epic, Legendary champions
  • Void Shard For Rare, Epic, and Legendary champions.
  • Sacred Shard For Epic and Legendary champions

You can combine certain champions to create one that is more powerful or rarer based on their rarity. You should not combine champions that you do not have, as Epic and Legendary champions can be very difficult to find and could make your team win.

You can also use uncommon and common champions to experiment, as they are easily obtainable again. Clearing certain levels and challenges can help you obtain champions.

Upgrade your Artifacts

The equipment you equip with champions is called artifacts. You can grant buffs specific to your champion by equipping artifacts. These artifacts can be obtained by completing quests and campaigns, or using the silver that you can purchase them. You can equip six artifacts for each champion. Champions who have more than one set of artifacts will get a buff.

If you have two basic sets, you’ll get a buff of 15 HP. Advanced sets provide stronger buffs, but require four sets to equip. Upgrades to artifacts can also give a bonus effect that can prove very helpful. Upgrades to specific artifacts can give your champion a more stable boost and help unlock certain mastery.

Understand the use of Currencies

Raid: Shadow Legends’ in-game currency is crucial as you may not be able to complete certain missions without spending silver on equipment or using it to purchase a champion. You need to be familiar with the currencies and what they are used for. There are three main currencies available in-game.

  • Silver – Silver can be used to upgrade Artifacts or summon new champions.
  • Gems – Gems can unlock and upgrade mines, which allows you to acquire more gems. They can also be used to get Ancient shards.
  • Energy – Energy is an essential resource. It is used in almost everything, including quests and participation in events. Gems can be used to replenish energy.

These currencies can be earned by performing daily tasks and completing daily missions. You will also need to purchase potions, XP boosters and clan boss keys from our shop, as they are very important in the future. We will also be discussing other currencies in future articles.

This concludes the basics. If you have any questions, this Raid Shadow Legends Beginners Guide will help. We are here to help, just like every other time!