I was planning on a two week multi-city trip around the state, but didn’t want to pack a heavy suitcase, as there’d be a lot of lugging it between airport to cab to hotel, and back again for a greater part of the journey.

That meant I wouldn’t be bringing my bulky electric shaver or charger with me. I needed to choose the best electric shaver for traveling.

Since I was staying in the US, I didn’t need to worry about a converter. Rechargeable was the main requirement, and a unit that was compact, and could fit easily into my bag. The charger also needed to be small, rather than big and bulky. It was also a requirement that the shaver provide a clean close shave, and not take a lot of time doing it.

I sorted through the reviews, and after weighing my options, I choose the Remington R-91 Dual Head Rotary Rechargeable Travel Shaver. It comes in a compact shaving unit, in silver tone and black finish. It only weighs 3.5 ounces, so won’t weigh down the luggage too much. There’s a large round button in the center to turn it on. This shaver has two independent dual heads and dual track cutters. It’s also rechargeable, so you can easily shave your face.

I found the Remington R-91 quite handy to use. I even tucked it into my briefcase, so I could have a quick shave right before a meeting. One thing I didn’t like was it a bit too easy to miss certain spots on the face, so keeping it handy for touchups was important. It fits easily into the hand, and there were no issues with dropping it. While it may have missed spots while shaving, it never tugged or pulled.

The Remington R-91 is also an affordable shaver, at around $62. This is an important consideration, as it was my second shaver purchase, and I didn’t want to fork over a lot of money for a travel shaver that would spend a greater part of the year in storage.


It takes up to sixteen hours to get charged up, which is a lengthy amount of time. Be sure to charge it up before you leave home on your trip. For a two week trip I charged it up twice, so that wasn’t bad. Be sure you remember to charge it up though, so you don’t get frustrated that it doesn’t work. Or, bring the cord with you.

Overall, the Remington R-91 was a good choice for shaving while traveling. I’d probably not choose it for everyday use though. Due to its compactness, it seemed to take a bit longer to shave then normal, and had a bit of a cheap feel to it. On the plus side, I wouldn’t be too upset if I lost it while traveling, as I didn’t invest a lot of money in it. I recommend this shaver for traveling, and something else for every day usage.