Let’s start the autumn festival season with an ace!

Where could you possibly have the best party experience if not in Amsterdam?! This event is an electronic music and club festival, which means that it cannot go wrong. Especially if we consider that Afrojack and Hardwell is amongst the performers! After this information who would even consider not going? Although there are only two world-famous artists, there are many other good ones from the Netherlands, who are going to entertain you with the best music of all!

We shouldn’t forget about the name of the festival either, DANCE! One of the main points of going to a music festival is to have the opportunity to dance with all the other people who you share the same music taste with and become friends for a party (or if you are lucky, even longer), what we are saying is, that if you go, you have to dance, let out all the stress and party as you never did before!

The festival lasts for 5 days and what is unique about it, is that it is also a conference, with daytime events, where you can learn about electronic music.

The program offers workshops, technical demonstrations and round table discussions as well. Usually you don’t get such a versatile program at a music festival, so we would hardly recommend it to go and try the daytime activities alongside with the night ones, especially if you are into electronic music. It can be a real educational trip!

Moreover, we would recommend you to buy the tickets ASAP, because some of them are already sold out! Do not forget about booking a hotel either, as unfortunately there aren’t any camping opportunities on the festival itself.

Buy your tickets, book a hotel/motel and a plane ticket, pack your things and go to Amsterdam! We guarantee that it’s going to be awesome!

If you are still not convinced, that your place in October is in Amsterdam, than listen to Afrojack’s latest song, we love it!