Make sure to carefully read the installation instructions before beginning, but in general, it should only include transferring the mod files into the main GTA 5 folder. The best GTA 5 PC mods are listed below, in no particular order.

Character Menu mod

You may virtually play as any NPC in the game thanks to this mod. You can choose from practically all of the game’s 500 characters, and you can customize and change about 350 of them by switching between different body parts, accessories, and other things.

2. Raise your hands and hand over all your possessions to me!

Home invasion mod

In GTA 5, you can easily rob stores, but you can’t truly break into someone’s home – available on Before now. With the Home Invasion mod, you can break into specific homes either covertly or with all guns blazing, then rob the occupants at gunpoint. There are seven different housing kinds, including mansions, and some home owners may resist.

3. Greetings from L.A.

It’s impossible to deny that Los Santos is a completely made-up city, even though some parts of it are clearly influenced by actual places. With several authentic additions including the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Wax Museum, Compton City Hall, two In-N-Out restaurants, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and more, the Real California Architecture mod add-on attempts to change that.

4. Make Los Santos a paradise for gangsters in a photorealistic style.

NaturalVision Remastered mod

Without recognizing the painstaking efforts of the hackers who want to make Los Santos as breathtakingly gorgeous as possible, it is impossible to discuss GTA 5 mods. Although there are literally hundreds of GTA 5 graphics upgrades available, NaturalVision Remastered is the current leader in terms of “phwoar” power.

The update was created to “make GTA 5 look visually close to Southern California in real life,” offering 4K resolutions and a complete revamp of Rockstar’s original image. To be perfectly honest, the outcomes are better than anything SoCal could ever produce. Los Santos is pushed out of the uncanny valley by NaturalVision and into a degree of graphical fidelity that redefines photorealism.

5. Turn become Iron Man

Iron Man Script 2.0 mod

If you install this enduringly popular mod on your GTA 5 save, you can declare, “I am Iron Man,” much like Iron Man did in the film Iron Man. True to its word, the mod equips you with an Iron Man costume that is completely functional and comes with boost thrusters, repulsor beams, and that eminently delightful “eeeeyooooop” blaster sound.

Even better, you may customize it with various suits, like as the bulky Hulkbuster armour that trades agility for raw strength. Tony Stark is happy, I’m sure.

6. Imagine yourself in the neon-lit Los Santos of Blade Runner.

Intensity ENB Mod

If Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t quite your thing, this graphic mod for Grand Theft Auto 2013 will at least allow you to play the game. Intensity ENB cranks up the contrast between colors to 11, giving Los Santos an ethereal, phantasmagorical appearance, especially when it’s also being soaked in rain. Additionally, the lighting effects have been enhanced, so you’ll frequently feel as though you’re in a J.J. Abrams film as opposed to a cyberpunk movie.

7. Use a tsunami to build an underwater metropolis.

Mod: Tsunami, Atlantis, and No Water

The best cities are all submerged. Consider some of the best cities: Atlantis, Rapture, that one from The Phantom Menace, perhaps not all of them, but a good number of them. What is keeping you from checking to see how Los Santos does after being drowned under ten thousand tonnes of water?

Since only the tallest skyscrapers can be visible above the surface of the water in the town, this mod summons a tsunami to wreak waves of salty sea water against it. It’s a virtual natural catastrophe that must be experienced to be believed.

8. Use Just Cause 2 accessories to imitate Rico Rodriguez.

Just Cause 2 grappling hook mod, Just Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters

While GTA has always been wonderful for making all kinds of mayhem, the sandbox mayhem you can create in the equally outrageous open world title Just Cause never quite compares.

But with the help of these custom Just Cause-themed mods, you can now play GTA 5 and take use of Rico Rodriguez’s grappling hook, parachute thrusters, and more. Even when you jump out of moving vehicles, it causes explosions, which is excellent for navigating obstacles in the road.

9. Climb over the barricade and play GTA as a cop.

LSPD mod First Reaction

Why not join the Los Santos Police Department and spend the day in the shoes of a local cop? It is said that the best way to destroy an enemy is to know that adversary.

To get the full LSPD experience, you can delve into the game’s extensive missions, police-themed weapons and vehicles, and personalization possibilities. Who knows, you might end yourself liking it better than your prior life of crime?

10. Make amends for your crimes by serving time in jail.

Correctional Mod

Speaking of police, why is it that you never get to see what occurs between getting caught and leaving the hospital or police station free? Although I am aware that Grand Theft Auto has a shaky idea of what justice is, Los Santos must have some sort of legal system.

The solution is provided by this prison mod, which locks you up if you are apprehended by the law and allows you to move around the prison, communicate with inmates, and even attempt to escape. Or yet, you may just complete your sentence and strive to emerge from it a different person. No, that seems dull; prison escape it is instead!

11. Let Carmageddon loose

Mayhem/Carmageddon modification

Everyone adores the expertly rendered explosives in GTA 5, which are arguably the best video game “booms” after, well, GTA 4. However, while you’re riding down the highway while listening to your favorite radio station, they simply don’t come often enough. This hack causes any car within a fair range of you to explode on command, thus the term “carmageddon.” The police cars will blow up as soon as they come close to you, so you won’t have long before you have a five-star wanted rating.

12. Explore the internal side.

Open All Interiors mod

Everything in Los Santos save the gun shops, strip joints, and auto dealerships is bolted shut with no feasible entrance ways, suggesting that only a small number of structures are accessible to the general public. If you can determine what the “Open All Interiors” mod accomplishes, I’ll give you three guesses.

The newly available structures don’t contain any fantastic mysteries, but they do give Los Santos a slightly more immersive feel and offer excellent hiding places when evading the police.

13. Survive the zombie apocalypse in Los Santos

Simple Zombies mod

We have had plenty of time to build up a thirst for more zombie mayhem since Rockstar last brought us a zombie game in 2010 with Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

The zombie-infested Los Santos in Simple Zombies transforms GTA 5 into a little survival simulation in which players must construct shelters, manage their health and hunger, and find other survivors scattered over the zombie-infested terrain in order to live. It’s a rather thorough game mode that occasionally gets downright spooky.

14. Increase the ragdoll physics

Overhaul: Euphoria Ragdoll Mod

The ragdoll physics engine in GTA 5 has never exactly been on pace with that in other Rockstar games like Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, and GTA 4. This is a minor criticism.

By adding more realistic movements, reactions, and visual accents to the mix, the Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul attempts to bring the physics closer in line with other games. The slapstick comedy is at its best here, and firefights and car chases will play out in new ways. Consequently, this mod is unquestionably one that you must have in your collection.

15. Hulk destroy

Hulk script modification

What better metaphor for letting out anger than Bruce Banner transforming into a huge green wrath monster and wreaking devastation across the city? Video games can be a terrific way to relieve tension.

With this Hulk mod, you may leap miles into the air as the Hulk, tossing cars around at will, and generally having a grand time terrorizing the residents of Los Santos. Also, wait till the military shows up because that’s when things truly start to get exciting.

16. Enjoy lavish living in a safehouse.

Safehouse/Airport: Marlowe Valley Mod

For Michael, Franklin, and Trevor—maybe not Trevor—materialism is the name of the game, but in Grand Theft Auto 5, the more pointless “things” you can get, the better. Your lavish condo is lovely, but how about a secure country home with parking lots, helicopter pads, and airport runways?

Even a functioning bar is available for hosting Great Gatsby-style gatherings. Make sure, however, that none of your visitors have access to the military fighter plane hidden in the garage.

17. Turn into SUPERHOT


Someone just had to explore what would happen when they applied Superhot’s primary idea—that time only moves when you do—to GTA 5—because it is so creative and fantastic. It’s sufficient to mention that the outcomes are quite remarkable. It’s similar to The Matrix, but instead of an awakening revolutionary, you play the role of an irate Trevor, and the Agent Smiths you’re shooting are actually defenseless police officers. Even while it isn’t quite The Matrix, Max Payne-style bullet time in Rockstar’s urban jungle is still a lot of fun.

Whistle while using the mobile radio to cause chaos.

Mobile Radio Mod

Even though the change is really little, it has a significant impact. Imagine yourself driving along to a catchy melody in your automobile, but suddenly you have to get out of it because, I dunno, the car is rushing toward a precipice and about to blow up.