Beer Coolers For Any Budget

It seems like a right of passage to pack a cooler with beer. It is a rare art to divide cans and bottles with a precise amount of ice.

Having the best coolers is a must. That’s why we updated our list for 2021. It doesn’t matter if your six packs are in styrofoam or you’re just hiking into the wilderness.

We have the solution. We’ve compiled a list of the best coolers to cool your cold ones, ranging from the lightweight and durable to the compact and easy to carry to the more sophisticated and loaded-up, bells and whistles best.

YETI Tank 45 Bucket Ice Cooler

It’s located on the office terrace. It is durable and sleek. It’s not the most efficient cooler for beer transport, but it is the best for office parties. The Tank is always open and inviting, keeps beer cold for hours, and comes with a lid that doubles as a lime cutting station and an impromptu seat. This is the best choice if you host any kind of barbecue regularly.

Otterbox Venture 45 Cooler

The YETI tundra is the most popular hardsided cooler, but the Otterbox Venture is a new product that was specifically made for beer drinkers. This cooler is ideal for tailgating and can be easily transported out to the field with a built in bottle opener.

Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Refrigerator 50 Quart

It’s easy to wax poetic about the benefits of investing in a sturdy, high-end cooler. For everyday use, however, you will need something that is cheap, lightweight, and can be ridden in an emergency. For that, this Coleman is all you need.

The Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

This slim and sleek carrying case conceals six of your most important beer cans. Fully insulated with PE foam to lock in the cold, this sneaky cooler can be slung over your shoulder for a backpacking adventure, a picnic in the park, or a fishing trip.

Caddy Daddy Golf 6 Pack Ice Cooler

This cleverly disguised tote is one of the most popular coolers on market. This small cooler can be easily slipped into any golf bag’s side pocket. With Caddy Daddy, easily hide up to six cans of beer while avoiding thirst on the back nine. Don’t overpay for best coolers for beer at the club. Drinking while golfing should not be a problem.

Coleman Quad Chair Larger with Cooler

Which comes first when tailgating? The cooler or the chair With Coleman’s Quad Chair with Cooler, you never have to decide. This hybrid, sit-and-sip and easy-to-carry chair can be used as either a cooler or a cup holder. It also has a pocket to store any other items. It’s also large enough to hold four additional cans of beer. It’s perfect for your next football game, or day at the coast.

Cold Creek Brewing Wooden Beer Cooler

Add a touch class to your old Styrofoam and red and white soccer mom cooler. Cold Creek Brewing’s wooden beer fridge brings you the best of both ice and wood. This rustic pine igloo can hold six bottles of beer or cans. It is made from rustic pine and is perfect for winter activities like a hike into the woods or a house party. Pro tip: You can add a bottle opener to the handle for an additional $3 We don’t want you to be able to climb a mountain and then sit at a bonfire without a knife because you forgot it.

Merry Garden Cooler Picnic Table

You won’t have to go outside to get a beer. You won’t even need to leave the table. The Merry Garden Cooler Picnic Table combines two of your favourite summer pastimes, drinking and barbecuing. It converts common patio furniture into an efficient fridge. This outdoor set is made from Canadian Hemlock and can withstand the most extreme temperatures while keeping your beer cool. This cooler centerpiece is carved in the middle of a table and features a drain plug that allows you to empty your inset Igloo at the close of the day. This genius invention is great for summer fun!

Ryobi Air Conditioning Cooler

What does beer and people share in common? We both sweat in the heat. Ryobi doesn’t want you or your beer to lose a drop. A cooler that goes all the way to North Pole will keep your beer arctic cold. This 50qt air-conditioned cooler from Ryobi features top-of the-line technology. It uses ONE+ batteries in order to cool itself. This beer carrier is icy enough to cool your beer but also your friends. It has an extra vent for human cooling downs.

Igloo Trailmate Adventure Cooler

This is the beer cooler that can be considered an armored tank. This traveling cooler is reliable, sturdy, and reinforced by Igloo. It can withstand all your wildest adventures. Created for all terrain the Igloo Trailmate Journey can help your cans survive from sandy beaches and snowy forests to dirt trails and asphalt parking lots. Ultratherm(r), which seals in cold, allows for 11.2 – 12oz beverage containers. The large wheels are ready to tackle any terrain. You can store and serve your beer in a separate butler tray that has cupholders. Bottle openers on both ends of the bottle will ensure that you don’t have to worry about it getting sealed.

YETI Hopper TWO Portable Cooler

YETI is a leading authority in beer coolers. One of our writers spent 6 weeks trying to hate the Hopper and couldn’t do it. The new YETI Hopper TWO is well-built and simple to carry. It features a leakproof HydroLok Zipper and ColdCell insulation. Without a drop or drip, you can carry up to 20 cans frosty beer in your bag. This beverage container is made from the same material used in whitewater rafts and HazMat suits. It’s soft but rugged. It looks like a grizzly bear…or a yeti.

ICEMULE Boss Backpack cooler

The ultimate in beer backpacking, ICEMULE carries your cold ones into any types of wilderness. Your brews will not lose any frostiness, no matter how far you hike. Also one of our best gifts for the adventurous beer drinker, this cooler is waterproof, sinkproof, and hassleproof.

BOSS has a suspension system with ventilated airmesh back pad and carrying straps that allows for easy loading and transport, making it one the most popular beer coolers. For optimum polar temperatures, ICEMULE wraps your cans in closed-cell PolayLayer(tm) insulation to keep them warm for a long time. You can bike down any mountain, paddle any river, or traverse any trail. The ICEMULE Boss Backpack cooler will keep your beer ice cold.


Cool beer to the next level with this cooler. This unique subterranean earth cooler stores your beer in naturally chilled underground conditions. No ice, no outlets, no energy lost. To retrieve from your environmentally-friendly fridge simply pop the top and twist the crank to raise the cylinder. Four men from Mors, a tiny island in northern Denmark, created this refrigerator. To open it, simply pop the top and turn the crank to raise the cylinder.

Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

We imagine Captain Kirk would use this coffee table if he had an office on the Starship Enterprise. Part spaceship, part cockpit console, part cooler, and all kickass, the Sobro Cooler Coffee Table has everything. You can charge your mobiles, listen to music from the Bluetooth speakers, connect your TV and insulate 64 of those Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones, or Game Day ales. Your tinctures will stay as cold as Winterfell with the pull-out fridge drawer. Never again miss a touchdown, or see a main character die. Sobro, get me up!