Different Ways How You Can Get Web Design Clients

You may already have experienced the problem of not enough work if you’re a web studio owner or a freelance developer. For freelancers, finding web design clients is often the most pressing concern. Even established web design agencies can sometimes have trouble finding steady projects.

If this sounds familiar, don’t be alarmed. It happens to 70% of web designers at some point.


This market is fiercely competitive. You can find many freelance developers and designers all over the globe. You can also find them in more places. There are many freelancers who work in low-cost countries, so it is not enough to compete on price alone.

While you can be a great web designer, selling your services requires different skills. You may not be able to effectively sell your services if you don’t know where to start when searching for web design clients.

15 Ways to Attract Web Design Clients

These are effective ways to get new ecommerce website developer singapore clients. These methods are applicable to freelancers as well as small businesses around the globe. They are also free or almost free.

Keep your eyes peeled for job boards and marketplaces within your niche

Each industry has its own jobs board. You can make the most of the popular boards and visit them frequently to secure more work.

There are many job boards, including Mediabistro and Smashing Jobs, Coroflots, RemoteOK, Coroflots, Smashing Jobs, Coroflots, RemoteOK, and Krop.

By their very nature, freelance marketplaces attract clients and companies that are in “buying mode” and looking for web design. You should create your profile on one of the most popular freelance marketplaces to get clients.

We have looked at the best ways to hire developers through marketplaces.

Although marketplaces are competitive, they can still be a great way to find new clients. These tips will help you project a professional image.

  • Spend the time to create an elaborate profile.
  • The following video discusses how to create a great profile and the challenges involved.
  • Please describe all of your experience and skills. Attach examples of your projects, particularly those that can demonstrate your most marketable skills.
  • Include the value your projects have provided to your clients.

You should also list any extra functionality or value-added functions that you have implemented.

Mention such a distinguishing factor as:

  • A complete sales funnel was created
  • Email marketing and drip marketing campaigns can be implemented
  • Complete conversion and/or CRO exercise.
  • Complete eCommerce setups, including Cart Abandonment, Scarcity Techniques and ways to increase total value of all purchases
  • Optimized for SEO, site structure is created using keyword research.
  • Optimized landing pages for PPC campaigns
  • Focusing on certain niches or markets

You have to stand out from thousands of other profiles. It is crucial to create a profile or application that is unique and stands out from the rest in order to win business.

After your profile is complete, it’s time to take action. It is important to carefully review all submissions and apply for jobs regularly. Spend time looking for projects that are right for you. Then, create a proposal or an application that highlights your strengths and would be beneficial to that project.

Customizing the application to the project is crucial so your application stands out.

There are many opportunities to work on short-term projects through freelancing marketplaces. You must take this process seriously and give it enough importance.

There is another way to stand out if you’re just starting. You can do this by offering lower rates than other freelancers. Although this isn’t sustainable, it can be useful in the beginning or when you don’t have any other work. Positive feedback is a must and clients will follow your example.

You can increase your fees as your portfolio grows and you can use past projects and positive reviews to justify why clients should pay more.

These are the top freelance marketplaces that you should consider joining.

  • Fiverr
  • 99 Designs
  • FreeeUp
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork (formerly known as oDesk).
  • Guru

You might consider Toptal if you have the skills and willingness to take a series of rigorous tests to be included in this exclusive talent market.

Attention to your website

A company that isn’t able to optimize their online presence would not be trusted with a new website. Your website’s design and functionality should be perfect. It should be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. This is not the only important aspect.

Your website must be easily found by clients to attract new clients.

Optimize your website for the search engines. You can also set up some Pay-Per-Click Google Ads campaigns if necessary. Target your niche and local-based searches around your niche.

You must have your name listed on the internet to improve your search engine results.

These are some simple steps that you can immediately take:

  • Use portfolio websites like Dribble.
  • Ask colleagues, friends, and acquaintances to link to your site via their blogs, websites, or accounts on social media.
  • Reach out to web designers and offer to write guest posts.

Participate in online groups, forums and communities that are relevant to web design. Participate in these groups and build a reputation as someone who is helpful.

You can Google yourself to get a sense of where things are at the moment. It’s always fascinating to see what others find by searching for you. This will allow you to correct any mistakes, rectify any errors and fill any gaps in your coverage.

Request for refers

When it comes to finding employees, word of mouth can still be a powerful motivator. Consider your home. Are you more likely than your family to recommend a plumber or electrician? It is likely that it will be the former. This same power can be used to your advantage in your business.

Don’t be afraid asking for referrals if you have clients. Referrals are powerful inductors that can attract new clients.

Referring a client with a track record is easier than getting one from someone you don’t know. Ask your clients who keep returning for more if they are willing to refer you to anyone in need of your services.

Offer an incentive if the client is hesitant. Free product, hour of labor, or a solution to a problem. To avoid any negative consequences, avoid paying cash wherever possible.

Your website could have a’recommend someone’ feature. You can offer a discount or other incentive for a referral to increase your chances of getting more inquiries.

Use one marketing strategy

Every small business and freelancer must master marketing. You don’t need to be a master of all aspects. Instead, choose a niche that you are skilled in and focus your efforts on it. Social media and content are two very powerful marketing strategies.

Social media is an integral part of society’s life. It is a fact that you must be active on social media in the niche of your web design. This is an essential part of any digital marketing campaign.

There are many social networks. To keep them all up, you will need to put in the time. Do you want to join them all?

It’s not.

Be there for your clients

First, analyse your clients and the social networks they use.

  • LinkedIn are essential tools for anyone looking for potential clients and business contacts. You can create a professional profile with keywords that are relevant to your area of specialization. LinkedIn allows you to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. LinkedIn allows you to create great articles that offer industry-leading insight and thought leadership posts.
  • Facebook may be the most used social network. It is great for informal communication and laid-back content, unlike LinkedIn. Don’t sell. Build an online community that shows how your services can be of benefit to others. This platform is a winner with animated and video content as well as human-based imagery.
  • Pinterest is a great choice for web designers as it allows you to display your work in images. If you are able to combine this with your photography skills, it is even better.
  • Twitter can help you keep your clients informed about the latest information regarding your company. If you don’t already have a strong following, posting on occasion is enough.
  • Instagram works in the same way as Facebook, where clients want to be entertained. Keep them entertained and engaged. Keep them interested and entertained by posting regularly every day during the most active hours.
  • Google My Business is crucial because it will help you rank higher in search engines for services based on location and organic searches.
  • Depending on your needs, and the location of your target clients, you can choose which social networks you want to concentrate on.

Make a profile and stay active. Join groups and communities related to web design.

Remember to not sell, but to build relationships with your audience through social media!

Use web content

Web content is another way to leverage one marketing strategy. It’s easy to get tired of the phrase, “Content is King”. It’s still essential and true.

Writing well-written articles will help you to create a positive image of your brand and show that you are a true web designer professional. This will also increase your chances of being ranked higher in search engine results.

You can see from the articles that we have created on this site that we try to provide useful and actionable information that is relevant to the search terms of the users. We make sure that each topic is covered in as many ways as possible.

You don’t have to stick to textual content. You will get more responses if you are creative.

These are just a few ideas:

  • Infographics based upon original data insights
  • Videos that offer actionable advice
  • Templates and checklists for the ideal client
  • You can get free tools that provide value (e.g. calculators or other online tools that can be programmed easily).
  • Podcasts featuring industry experts and influential people
  • Interviews
  • Newsletters that focus on adding value

If you do it right, your blog can be a great source of clients. This is especially true if you target keywords that are closely related to the intent of the search. This includes designing and creating websites.

Even if you don’t get many clients through your blog, it will build credibility and recognize your brand online. It can also be used to complement other initiatives, such as posting your website on freelance marketplaces.

Improve your skills

The constant struggle to keep up with the times was probably something they didn’t mention when you asked them about web design and development. We have to keep up with the latest technologies and platforms. You must also be constantly learning and improving your skills, in order to grow your business and get new customers.

There are many ways to accomplish this. There are many options. You can take the traditional route, such as night classes at college or online. Or you could use walkthroughs and online tools to learn new skills. Learning by doing is what some people do. This includes buying new software and learning new techniques.

To see the skills of other web designers, look at their portfolios. To see the skills required, look at job ads. To identify skill shortages and learn the skills that are in demand, read industry news and papers. Although it is hard work, it will pay off in the end!

Niche, and you will be the expert

Finding a niche is an extension of improving your skills. You will find hundreds, if no more than thousands of web designers with the mainstream skills you need on any of these job boards or freelance marketplaces. It will be very difficult for you to compete with them on price, so you need to outskill them.

Take a look at emerging web designs trends to see what you can do with them. Take a look at the in-demand skills list and see what you can do with them.

You can narrow your offerings to a specific niche and refine them accordingly. Instead of offering more generic services, limit your offerings to niche-specific services that are highly skilled. This will allow you to target a narrower market and should result in more specific queries.

A strong lead magnet and anchor client are key to success

A lead magnet is an opt in that collects client data to be used for future leveraging. You could offer a PDF file, a Java app, or a free download. It should be relevant to your niche and industry. Ideally, it should also showcase your skills.

In return for your email address, create a popup form or opt-in page on your website. Be sure to comply with GDPR and local data collection regulations and only use the email address in targeted marketing campaigns.

Anchor clients

An anchor store is a term that describes the retail trade. An anchor store is a draw for customers to smaller shops in a shopping center. The owner is not the only one who makes the most, it’s the smaller shops.

The same principle can be applied in the web design niche. A single client is sufficient to bring in many smaller, more profitable clients.

How do you catch such a large fish? First, find a company that is well-known in your industry. You need to get them involved in every way possible. It would be a good idea to meet them face-to-face and offer them a redesign for their website. Give them reasons for each suggestion.

This will make you an expert in your field.

You can also offer to build a new website for them at a significant discount. If you feel it is beneficial for your business’ long-term success and future prospects, you can offer to do it free of charge. Although we don’t enjoy working for free in all cases, it can be more profitable than the initial loss.

Potential clients will pay more to have their websites created by you if they see your brand as a strong one.

Speak at events

Some people consider the thought of speaking at an event to be worse than death. Some people see it as just another day at work. No matter what side you are on, keynote speaking can be a great way to build authority and get your name out.

You can find a variety of web development events and conferences in every corner of the globe. Shopify Unite is one example. Shoptalk, another. There are events and conferences for all aspects of the web. The more you specialize the more demand you will be as a speaker.

Catt Short has a great guide for public speaking if you’ve never spoken publicly before. It’s well worth the effort.

Podcasts and webinars: Guest Speaker

Consider guest appearances on webinars and podcasts once your public speaking skills are up to par. Both are extremely important marketing tools. They are becoming increasingly popular for listening and marketing. Podcasts are open to qualified guests, and you can even host your podcast.

You can prepare a script ahead of time so that you know what to say. While you can ad-lib, it is best to take notes so that you are clear about what you want to say.

Answer questions or solve problems. Comment on industry trends, technologies, and new products. Double-check your statements to ensure they are accurate, truthful, and valuable.

Humour can be incredibly powerful, if done well. However, it is important to avoid offending anyone by saying or doing anything.

Don’t respond to a request for guest hosts until you’ve listened to a few of their podcasts. You will get a sense of their style and content, as well as an idea of how they work and what level of expertise they require.

When you are hosting guests, preparation is the key to success.

Know the good and bad clients

You would have done extensive market research before you started your business. To help you succeed in a competitive marketplace, you would have examined the local market, clients, and competition.

Ideal client types should be a part of your research. However, it’s possible that what you thought was your ideal client after years of being in business may have changed.

Personas for clients are a great way to model what your ideal client is. You can outline the aspects that work for you, your skills, and your scale. You could create client personas that are different for entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, medium-sized companies, IT or Marketing Managers or anything else.

As long as you keep track of their pain points and how they can be addressed, as well as their age, demographic, and other pertinent data, you are free to create as many personas you want. You can also add where they are most likely to be found online (forums, LinkedIn, bulletin boards, etc. This information will be needed later.

Although you might not be able to accept clients at first, these personas will help you decide if a client is worth your time or not. Sometimes it is better to accept a client who doesn’t fit your criteria than to spend money and time on them.

Understanding the buyer journey of your client

Understanding the buyer journey of your client is the same thing as understanding their journey to purchase a website that you design or build. Understanding how clients make a purchase decision will help you to tailor your pitch and approach.

A corporate client might have to go through a lengthy process with many steps. They could be more valued if you had more formal processes, regular progress reports, feedback reviews, and a more corporate approach.

Startups may need a website quickly and simply want you to create it. You could adjust your approach so that you only send updates and ask questions, but the work is done professionally and quickly.

Your client’s problem solved

Solving problems is the main purpose of any product or service. We buy products and services because we have to solve a problem. People are hired to solve problems that we can’t solve. Not only does it help you deliver a high-quality project, but it can also lead to referrals.

You must show empathy for clients’ problems when designing your service packages.

You may be creating an eCommerce website, but your client might actually need an online store to help them achieve financial independence. Both are the same thing, but they are seen in totally different ways by your client and you. Understanding the difference will help you to empathise and solve the client’s problem.

Make a friend, solve a problem. In this instance, you can help your client achieve their goals and dreams as well as your own.

Free stuff

Offer discounts, promotions and special deals. Offer free images, PSD files, templates and themes if you’re able. You may also be able to offer advice, problem solving and consultation free of charge depending on your strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t matter if they are complicated or simple, it is important to target a specific need.

Freebies can be added to your website in order to increase traffic and links. If you specialize in WordPress templates or website design, you should have several freebies. Make sure the freebie you offer is a showcase for your talents and something that you are proud to share.

Although it may seem unfair to give away something so valuable for free, there should be a return on your investment. The user may decide to purchase the premium version if they enjoy the free product.

Traffic is the main benefit of offering resources for free on your website. It is a great way to attract people. These resources also allow you to showcase your expertise and skills. These resources are as much a selling pitch as they are a service.

These include business cards, flyers, mockups, or design for SWAG. Anything that takes less time but is appreciated by the client, such as business cards, flyers, or mockups. Clients who are satisfied with your work will be more likely to refer you to others.

Your efforts don’t need to be limited to your website.

Free advice to your audience

Marketing was discussed in relation to client personas. You will have done some research to find out where someone might be based. You can visit these places, ask questions, and then read the comments on social media and forum posts.

Find out where you can add real value. You can answer a question, comment on or correct other online content. You will build a positive reputation and a reputation for professionalism by being willing to help for free. These are two things that will attract new clients.

Overpromise and underdeliver

When we started our journey into the world of work, one of the most important lessons was to overpromise and underdeliver. Expectation management and the psychology behind expectation are key. They will not be satisfied if you promise a client that their website will be up in eight weeks, but it takes nine. They will be thrilled if you tell them that it will take 10 weeks, and deliver it in nine.

Expectation management is an essential part of any business. This is something that you should learn as a freelancer, or as a web developer. These expectations should be balanced so that you can deliver quality without making the client wait too long.

You will gain experience and be able to predict how long it will take you to create a Magento store or a Java app for your website. You can use this knowledge to set a realistic deadline that you can meet. This is how you can delight your client.

Follow up and be responsive

Unutilized leads are wasted income. Remember that 20% of freelancers’ work comes from 20% clients. You could lose a lot of work if you don’t follow up or respond quickly to leads.

When you receive a call, follow up promptly and efficiently.

  • You will receive an email, a web form, or a phone inquiry.
  • Meet a potential client at an event.
  • Respond to both the referrer and the person who referred you when you receive a referral.
  • If you receive a query or comment on your social media channels.

You may have heard the expression “you snooze, you lose”? It was probably used for freelancers and small businesses. We are flexible and can be responsive and agile. Demonstrate it.

Automation can be a great option if you don’t have the time. Set up an email autoresponder for your info@ address. You can either have a partner answer your phone or hire an agency to manage your social media. You can also have follow-up with other freelancers if you need them to handle your PR and marketing.

Calendars can be used to organize contacts, appointments, meetings, and events. You can share your calendar with colleagues and across devices to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Conclusion: Work harder but be wiser

You will learn a lot about your business, your ideal client, and the wider business community during this whole process. It’s now time to put all this knowledge to work for your benefit. It is important to have the right information to target a niche as well as the skills and knowledge to market yourself to the wider community.

While you’ll be more productive than ever, your work will be easier and more efficient. Instead of trying to attract all clients for every type of project with a scattergun approach, you can focus your efforts on qualified clients that you are familiar with. Your web presence will be high quality, you will be active on social media and be commenting in forums or other places clients frequent online.